Brian grew up moving around the country as a son of a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Marines living in North Carolina, Florida, California, Virginia, Hawaii, and Arizona the first twelve years of his life. He was raised to attend a certain denominational church but not seeing his parents live anything more then a religious life. Brian was about 10 years old when he stopped going to Church. Since his dad wasn’t going to church he thought why should he go, so he started surfing every weekend.

Brian actually lived for surfing from weekend to weekend with his friends in Hawaii and life was great in paradise until his father was transferred to Yuma, Arizona! Then things changed quickly for Brian’s life, and by the age of eighteen he had been smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, living a total fantasy lifestyle, but inside was crying out for the truth.

After dropping out of his first year in college an old party friend of his was talking about how Jesus was coming back soon and had set him free. Brian had tried everything else and could see how his friend’s life was changed. Brian accepted Jesus and then his new life began at the age of nineteen. This marked the beginning of real purpose and meaning for his life. Brian helped in churches for eight years while finishing college then worked for five years in the Aerospace industry until 1990. Responding to the call of God for his life, he then began planning for full-time ministry.

Going off to Rhema Bible College in 1990 and graduating in 1992, Brian had on his heart to travel and minister, after 3 yrs he became an ordained minister in 1995. He has traveled all throughout the United States ministering the Word of God, making trips to Australia, England, Ireland, Norway, Mexico and Canada.

For years now Brian has been saying that the truth is IN Christ:

“if our life is no better than the world’s why will they want what we have?”

Brian also teaches that with that in mind the Word of God and encourages others to do likewise. We should be able to live life with people in the world saying to themselves, “I want to have what they do!” We believe that having Brian Makeever Ministries to minister the Word will produce fruit for the Kingdom of God in your Church